Photo by Aspasia Koulira

Katia Gkoulioni

Katia Goulioni graduated from the Theodosiades Drama School in Athens with honours. In 2004 she played in the play “Shortly”, directed by N. Karageorgiou in Victoria theatre. In 2005/6 she was a member of “Studio ypo to miden” TC and played in the productions of “Play-back”, directed by N. Karageorgiou. In 2007 she directed and played “House” in two theatre venues: Booze Cooperativa and Roes. In 2008 she played the leading part in Frantzis’ film “In the Woods” and she directed and played in the theatre play “Baby” at the theatre Booze Cooperativa. In 2009 she played the leading part in the cinematic performance “In the Woods” at the Athens Festival. In 2010 she played the leading part in David Mamet’s play “Reunion” at Topos Allou theatre, dir. by Gregory Redis, she also played a part in the film “Looking for a liar” dir. by Ieroklis Mihailides and she collaborated with the artist Thodoris Prodromides in “Rooms 2010” at the Kappatos gallery. In 2011 she played the leading parts in the following short films: “Fireworks” dir. By Giacomo Abruzzesse in a collaboration with the “Fresnoy studio national des arts contemporains”, “Lost girl” dir. by Nikos Pastras, “Arudel” dir. by Konstantina Kotzamani and “Distances” dir. by Gregory Rentis. In 2012 she took part in the “Berlinale talent campus” and the “Sarajevo talent campus”. She also played in the visual art project “Got to be real” dir. by Aggelos Frantzis, which was made for the Venice Biennale. In 2013 she played a leading part in the theatre performance “PODWORKO” dir. by Krzysztof Garbaczewski in Poland.

Michele Valley

She was born in Switzerland, where she studied Drama at Zurich. She played at the Municipal theatre of Verne. She lived in Paris for ten years, where she attended classes led by Antoine Vitez at the Conservatoire de Paris and collaborated extensively with experimental theatre companies: Le Modeste Théâtre, Théâtre du Chaudron, La Cartoucherie, Théâtre du Nord. She has been living in Greece since 1985. She has worked as an actress in film, TV series, TV movies and theatre. In film she has played in films by (amongst others): Nikos Nikolaides, Tonia Marketaki, Maria Iliou, Eleni Alexandraki, Ilias Giannakakis, Giorgos Lanthimos. In theatre she has played in productions directed by (amongst others) : Giannis Houvardas, Mihail Marmarinos, Hrussa Kapsouli. She has been collaborating with the intermedia artist Demosthenes Agrafiotis in poetic performance, alternative performance and translations into french, german and italian. She did the artistic curating of the « The cholera years » exhibition, which was dedicated to Nikolaides’ work at the Film Museum in Thessaloniki in 2007. Some of her recent parts include : in 2008-9 at the National Theatre of Northern Greece « Back to Paradise » by Philip Ridley, dir. by Anastasia Revi, in 2009-10 Judith in « Dame Blanche » by Howard Barker, dir. by Hryssa Kapsouli, in 2009 in the film « Dogtooth », dir. by Giorgos Lanthimos, in 2012-13 at the National Theatre of Greece « Orpheus in Hades » by Tennessee Williams, dir. by Barbara Weber. 

Larisa Vergou

Larisa Vergou is an actress. She was born in Amsterdam and is a graduate of the Fotiades Drama School. She has worked in organizing cultural events both in Greece and abroad. She has also worked in public relations for band concerts.
In theatre, film and television she has worked as an actress since1996. Some of her parts include the following: in 2012 she played in “The complacent spectator” by Fabrice Melquiot, dir. by Ellie Papakonstantinou at the French theatre festival at the Mihalis Kakogiannis Foundation, in 2011 she played at the production of “Post-one Performance for the destruction of the world”, dir. by Ellie Papakonstantinou at the Vyrsodepsion theatre (this production took part in the first international theatre festival in Kurdistan in North Iraq). One of her first parts was as a member of the chorus in “Prometheus” by Aeschylus, dir. by N. Tsakiroglou which toured at the Art Theatre-West End in London, at the Royal Theatre of Music in Manchester and at the island of Makronisos, which used to be an island where people got exiled in Greece until 1974. In 1998 she played the part of Lisa in Dostoyefski’s “The basement” dir. by Tsagas, which toured at Enastron theatre, Tzeni Karezi theatre, at the Anoixi festival in Thessaloniki and at the Municipal theatre of Zante.

Maria Egglezaki

Maria Egglezaki is a graduate of the Theatro Technis Drama school. She also has a degree in Sociology from the Panteion University of Athens. She has studied the guitar. She has taken part in workshops on theatre acting, film acting with established greek directors. She has also attended dance workshops.
In theatre she has worked with the following directors: Kostis Kapelonis, Stefanos Mplatsos, Giannis Diamantopoulos, Dimitris Mpitos, Maria Giannouli. She has worked in dance theatre with Chryseis Liatziviri.
In film she played in Diamantopoulos’ movie “Blue dress” and got nominated for her part in the Thessaloniki film festival in 2005. She also played in Katzourakis’ film “The road to the West”. She played in Karvounidou’s film “Wednesday”.
She has played in many short films too: “Lost girl”, dir. by N. Pastras, “Black Suit” dir. by Eudokia Kalamitsi, “The highway where cats are killed”, dir. by S. Anagnostopoulou, “La vie en rose” dir. by S. Argyropoulou, “The bridge”, dir. by Th. Polurakis. In television she has worked with the following directors: Hristos Paligiannopoulos, A. Rigas, M. Retsilas, S. Mplatsos, A. Pantazoudis in the TV series “Erieta Zaimis’ stables”, “Singles 2”, “Together”. She has also played in the series filmed for the Greek National Television (ERT) of “Greek one-act plays”, dir. by G. Tsortekis.
She played at the visual art project “Got to be real”, dir. by Aggelos Frantzis which took part at the Venice Biennale and at the promotional videos of the Athenian Brewery Company “The Responsibles” also dir. by Aggelos Frantzis.

Photini Kapellaki

Photini Kapellaki graduated from the “Arhi” drama school led by Nelli Karra in 2010. In 2012 she played Andromache in “Trojan Women” by Euripides, dir. by Mirka Gementzaki at the theatre Fournos and also at the Aeshylian festival in Eleusis in 2013. In 2012 she was a member of the chorus in “Electra” by Sophocles in the artistic organization Morfes Ekfrasis playing in Athens and touring in Cyprus.
In 2004 she graduated from the theatre workshop “Viomihaniki” and took part in the performance “55 minutes of exercise”. In 2005 she played in “God Bless America”, dir. by Fanis Diplas at the Lithografion theatre in Patras and at the theatre festival of the Anoixi theatre in Athens. 

Rita Lytou

Rita Lytou graduated from the Stavrakou film school with a degree in film directing and attended the Stulker Drama school led by K. Themelis. After many workshops and collaborations, she played in “Deparure Night” by T. Rumi in 2002 dir. by B. Nahmias at the Thesion Theatre. In 2003 she played in the film “Delivery” dir. by Nikos Panagiotopoulos and “Come and Go” by Samuel Beckett, dir. by Takis Tzamargias at the Sfendoni theatre. In 2003-4 she played at “Asma asmaton”, dir. by Demos Avdeliodes at the Ergostasio theatre. In 2004-5 she played at “Yohan Fatcer Archive” by B. Brecht, dir. by Takis Tzamargias at the Epi Kolono theatre. In 2006 she played in the film “The weightlifter and the Angel”, dir. by Eleni Alexandraki. In 2007 she played in “The good person of Sechuan” by B. Brecht, dir. by Aggelos Mentis at the Sfendoni theatre. In 2008 she read “Syssimon” by N. Panagiotopoulos, dir. by V. Nahmias. In 2008-9 she toured with the Karpathian folk story “Maskamparis”, dir. by M. Gemetzaki and played it in Athens in Artika theatre. In 2009 she played “Pouerto Grande” by M. Lamprakis, dir. by Roula Pateraki. In 2010 she played in the film “The Ripper” dir. by G. Oikonomides. In 2011 she played in “Aggela” by G. Sevastikoglou, dir. by D. Bitos. In 2012 she played in “Silent Voices”, dir. by D. Bitos at the Vyrsodepsion theatre, in “PlayBack”, dir by A. Hioti at the Mir Festival and at “The 18 Motion”, dir. by Katia Goulioni at the Empros theatre. 

Katerina Miheli

Katerina Miheli is the director of the theatre company “Mimisis Praxeos” in Pireus and has directed at the Municipal theatre of Pireus the following plays: in 1996 Lorka’s “Blood wedding”, in 1997 Lorka’s “The house of Bernarda Alba”, in 1998 the one act plays “The Jew” by B. Brecht, “The Stronger” by August Strindberg and “Hello out there” by W. Saroyan, in 2000 Kampanelis’ “A courtyard full of miracles” and in 2002 Solomos’ “The woman of Zante”. At the theatre of Drapetsona REX in 1999 she directed the one-act plays “The lovers” by Brickhouse and “Courageous” by Hall and Waterhouse. At the musical theatre Akrorio in 2004 she directed Chekhov’s “The Marriage Proposal” and “Olia, a poor sweetheart”, also in 2008 Cocteau’s “The liar”, “Marseilles’ ghost” and “At the fair”. In 2010 she directed T. Williams’ play “27 wagons of cotton”. At the Municipal theatre of Keratsini and Drapetsona “Antonis Samarakis” in 2013 she directed three of T. Williams one-act plays . She has collaborated with the municipalities of Pireus, Drapetsona, Keratsini and the prefecture of Pireus. At the theatre workshop of the prefecture of Pireus she taught Greek tragedy from 2001 to 2003.

Thanasis Petropoulos

Thanasis Petropoulos was born in Athens. He has a degree in Communication and Mass Media from the University of Athens and the Neo Elliniko Theatro Drama School led by G. Armenis.
In 2005-6 he played in the play “A lie has long legs” by Eduardo de Filippo, dir. by G. Diamantopoulos at the Neo Elliniko theatre. He has worked for the Municipal theatre of Roumeli in “The Knights” by Aristophanes, dir. by G. Armenis (2007), “Puss in Boots” by Brain Way, dir. by E. Gerodimou (2007), “The Billy-club puppets” by F.G. Lorca, dir. by P. Adam (2008) and “The Trap” by Rober Toma, dir, by P. Adam (2009). He also played in the plays “Moon, please don’t sleep” written and directed by K. Fanouraki at Booze Cooperativa (2009), “La Vie”, dir. by G. Papathanasiou at Hora theatre (2010), at the performance “The Nauru Project” of M. Georgoula for the Athens Remap 3 at Frown Tails (2011) and in “Just Sex” by Jeff Gould, dir. by A. Mpouras at Hora theatre. In May 2013 he played in “The Doll House” by Henrik Ibsen, dir. by M. Papahristou- R. Roumelioti at 104 theatre. He has also taken part in “Oedipus Rex- Oedipus at Colonus” by Sophocles, dir. by R. Pateraki at the National Theatre of Greece (2008).
He has played in 13 short films and in the documentary “Young Actors on the look-out”, dir. by N. Staboulopoulos for the series “Paraskinio” in ET1. He has also played in the full length pictures “Small England”, dir. by P. Voulgaris, “God loves caviar”, dir. by G. Smaragdis and “The causes of things”, dir by G. Servetas.
In the spring of 2013 he published his first comic book, titled “Phony Numbers” at the Comicdom Press publishing company.

Thalia Protonotariou

Thalia Protonotariou was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She has a BA in Classics at the University of Leeds. She has an MA in Greek Drama performance at the University of London. She continued her theatrical studies completing an MA at Text and Performance Studies at RADA and King’s College in London. She lived in the UK for seven years.
In Greece she has worked in theatre, cinema and television as both an actress and a director. She has taught acting, directing and Theatre History at Deree College in Athens.
In 2002 and 2003 she returned to the UK, where she got an MA in Advance Theatre Practice/ Directing from the Central School of Speech and Dram. On her return to Athens she formed Snaporatz Theatre Company. She directed “Cancer time” by Gary Owen at the Booze Cooperativa theatre, for which her TC got state funding from the Ministry of Culture. She then directed a delivery theatre production of the play by Aggeliki Darlasi “You can be happy”.
She is co-founder with Alexander Manolakis of the Okto publishing Company. 

Areti Seintaridou

Areti Seintaridou is currently on her third year at the Athens Conservatory Drama school. In May of 2012 she took part in Giorgos Zoumpoulakis’ project “Private Public” at the festival Back to Athens. In July 2012 she took part in the international festival Man.In.Fest in Romania as a member of the theatre company Erroristas. In October 2012 she performed live in a concert of Yianneis at the Gagarin club. In 2013 she played the leading part in the short film dir. by Polymnia Papadopoulou “Areti”.

Alexandra Hasani

Alexandra Hasani was born in Agioi Saranta in Albania in 1989. She graduated from the National Theatre of Greece Drama school in 2010. She has played in: “Vatra-X” dir. by D. Lignadis in 2007, “Titanic” dir. by K. Rigos in 2008, “Electra” dir. by M. Frintzila in 2011, “Ink” dir. by B. Galiatsatos in 2012, “Nightmare at the reception party” dir. by Z. Xanthopoulou in 2012. She has played parts in children’s theatre with Marmelada theatre company (2010-2013). She has played in the following short films: “13 ½” dir. by H. Vafiades, “My dad, Lenin and Fredy” dir. by R. Dragasakis, “Coincidence” dir. by R. Varnali. 
The actors: Michelle Valley, Larisa Vergou, Maria Eglezaki, Photini Kapellaki, Rita Lytou, Katerina Miheli, Thanasis Petropoulos, Thalia Protonotariou, Areti Seintaridou, Alexandra Hasani

Production Credits:

Katia Goulioni, Nikos Pastras, Angelos Frantzis.

Directing: Katia Goulioni

Set Design: Theo Prodromidis

Costumes Design: Katia Goulioni

Lighting Design: Sophia Adamopoulou

Assistant Director: Xenia Kalantzi

Promo Videos: Nikos Pastras, Angelos Frantzis

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